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Surf Therapy Escuela de surf Fuerteventura
CIF Nº X7259581E
c/ El Pulpo Nº5 Corralejo, 35660 Fuerteventura (Las Palmas).
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  1. By hiring/booking a course with us, we assume that you know swim unequivocally that are minimally fit and that from the medical standpoint, there's nothing stopping you from playing the sport of surfing.
  2. The reservation is only valid when it has been with? Rmed by us (Surf Therapy) and the deposit amount has been transferred to our bank account or paypal.
  3. Payment: 20% of the reserve must be transferred to the bank account provided by Surf Therapy least one month before arrival and the remaining amount can be paid in Therapy Surf Shop in cash or card.
  4. Cancellation of reservations is possible at any time. Cancellation must be sent by email or regular mail. We advise anyway with? Rm sending the cancellation by telephone. The cancellation is valid on the day we receive it and has some costs that are detailed below:
    1. Until 29 days before the course start/arrival, we’ll charge 25%.
    2. Until 14 days before the course start/arrival, we’ll charge 50% and after this we’ll charge 80% of the total amount.
    3. In case of cancelation 1 day before course start/arrival, we’ll charge 100% of the total amount.
  5. Surf Therapy is responsible for the proper preparation and execution of surf course always within the terms offered on this website. Surf Therapy assumes no liability for damage to persons or materials that occur during car trips are made during the course. Participation in the courses is the customer's risk. Surf Therapy is responsible for any failure of the members of Surf Therapy during the courses.
  6. Surf Therapy is not responsible for circumstances caused by weather and no refunds will be due to weather conditions or state of the sea.
  7. The customer must take reasonable care in relation to the use of equipment provided for the course and accept responsibility for the replacement of any equipment lost or damaged by negligence or misuse of the customer. Any equipment must be paid to restore market value as assessed by Surf Therapy. Thereafter the damaged equipment becomes the property of the client.
  8. The customer has to follow orders and instructions of the surf instructors Therapy. In the event that a customer's irresponsible behavior endangers the physical safety of other clients or members of Surf Therapy or detrimental to the normal course of classes, the client may be excluded from the current notice. In this case the course fee will be refunded.

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