Clinic Surf is a complete coaching session dedicated to advanced level surfers and to experienced surfers who want to improve their surfing techniques or learn new maneuvers

Clinic Surf

Clinic Surf is a complete surf coaching session dedicated to advanced level surfers who already surf the wave and begin to make their first maneuvers on the wave and to experienced surfers who want to improve their surfing techniques or learn new maneuvers.

Many surfers feel their surf level stagnant and have not seen progress in a long time, there are many mistakes that they keep on doing or that they don’t even focalize what those mistakes are.

With Surf Therapy Clinic Surf, you will be followed by the coach ISA L2 Matteo Tassisto, surfing instructor since 2006 and surf coach ISA Level 2 from 2012.

The Clinic Surf sessions are private to a maximum of 3 people, that mean you will be alone or at least with other two of yours friends.


How is the Clinic Surf structured?

The Clinic Surf is 1 hour active surfing session in the water and 1 hour out of the water.

During the time in the water the coach will be in the water with you where he can observe the paddling, the stand up, the style, the speed, the posture, the technique of your maneuvers, etc. while a photographer will record you with a video camera. 

In the hour out of the water we will watch the videos, in which we will identify strengths and weaknesses of your surf technique. Once the weaknesses have been identified through the video analysis, the coach will correct your technique and give you new tools to improve your performance in the water. 

Another tool used by the surf coach is the CARVER surf skates, 1 session of Carver skate is included in the 3-day pack and 2 sessions in the 5-day pack. With the Carver we will be able to practice the technique of fundamental surfing maneuvers out of the water, improving posture, balance, style and fluidity of movements.


Coach's advice:

I recommend you:

  • To bring your equipment (surfboards and wetsuit) to be used during the Clinic surf sessions, because the equipment is an essential part of your surfing performance. If you can't take it, do not worry you can use ours equipments.
  • To workout, if you can go at least 2 times a week swimming or training during the month before coming, will be enough. This way you can take more waves and your body will recover quicker.
  • To rent a car, because the car is necessary to surf in Fuerteventura if you want to continue practicing alone after the Clinic Surf session.
  • If you have a video of you surfing, please send it to me before you arrive.


Clinic Surf Prices:

  1 private session:
2 hours
3 private sessions:
6 hours
5 private sessions:
10 hours
Price 1 person: 80€ 220€ 370€
Price 2 people: 120€ (60€ per person) 350€ (175€ per person) 580€ (290€ per person)
Price 3 people: 150€ (50€ per person) 435€ (145€ per person) 720€ (240€ per person)
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For more informations about surf courses contact us. And if you need accommodation with the course, see our offers surf camp and surf house.

This is how we like to do things:

  1. During our surf courses there are never more than 8 students per instructor so that we can teach you properly and with dedication. Its not just about getting in the water with a board!!
  2. We will be in the water with you as much as is necessary, not just watching you from the beach.
  3. All instructors speak english. It is important that we understand our students and that you can understand us.
  4. Top quality and always new material!
  5. Our instructors are FCS qualified (Federación canaria de surf) with International Lifesaving qualifications. we are the only surf school in Fuerteventura with an ISA level 2 instructor (International Surfing Association/ Australian Surf Coaching) and we follow the most efficient and safest teaching methods accordingly.
  6. All surf activities include full insurance.


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