We will teach you the basic theory of surfing and you will learn how to stand up, the right stance for surfing and much more about: waves, currents, surf, etc..

Beginners Surf


Know how to swim.


To stand up on surfboard in the white-water.


We will teach you the basic theory of surfing and put it into practice. We will explain you what surf is about, about the materials and wetsuits, about how waves are formed, currents, different types of waves, safety measures, always choosing a beach suitable for your level. We will show you how to warm-up properly, how to paddle efficiently, how to stand up, the correct sitting positions on the board and how, where and when to get in and out of the waves and area, etc.

The surf course includes:

  • Daily transfer from your accomodation to the beach 
  • Whole equipment
  • ISA Level 2 and Federacion Canaria Surf titled instructors
  • The course schedule is usually in the morning from 10:00 (pickup time) to 14:30 (arrival time to Corralejo).
  • Liability and accident insurances
  • Free use of our SKATES
  • FREE USE OF THE EQUIPMENT AFTER THE SURF LESSONS (for free rental, you need to complete your rental paperwork at our store at least the day before. For the free rental, a deposit of €100 per board and wetsuit will be requested, which will cover any damage to the material. The deposit will have to be in cash.)


  1 day: 2 days: 3 days: 4 days: 5 days: 6 days: 7 days:
Price per person from: 50€ 90€ 130€ 170€ 200€ 228€ 259€
  8 days: 9 days: 10 days: 11 days: 12 days: 13 days: More days:
Price per person from: 289€ 319€ 349€ 379€ 409€ 439€ Contact us
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For more informations about surf courses contact us. And if you need accommodation with the course, see our offers surf camp and surf house.

This is how we like to do things:

  1. During our surf courses there are never more than 8 students per instructor so that we can teach you properly and with dedication. Its not just about getting in the water with a board!!
  2. We will be in the water with you as much as is necessary, not just watching you from the beach.
  3. All instructors speak english. It is important that we understand our students and that you can understand us.
  4. Top quality and always new material!
  5. Our instructors are FCS qualified (Federación canaria de surf) with International Lifesaving qualifications. we are the only surf school in Fuerteventura with an ISA level 2 instructor (International Surfing Association/ Australian Surf Coaching) and we follow the most efficient and safest teaching methods accordingly.
  6. All surf activities include full insurance.


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